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Hotgen Biotech Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005 and located in Biomedical Base of Zhongguancun High-Tech Park in Beijing. It is a national-level high-tech company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of innovative in-vitro diagnostic (IVD), point-of-care-testing (POCT) and biodefense products. We are one of the top 100 rapidly expansive national high-tech companies and one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Zhongguancun, which is dubbed as China’s Silicon Valley. In return for its decade-long efforts and achievements, Hotgen obtained National Award for Progress in Science and Technology in 2013, China Award for Achievements in Medical Technologies in 2012.
With its achievements and research capabilities being widely recognized, Hotgen Biotech has undertaken several provincial and national level research projects including National 863 Project, National Science Fund Project, Key Hard-Nut Tackling Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, Innovation Fund Project of Ministry of Science and Technology for Small and Median Sized Enterprises, etc.. With several products awarded as National Key Innovative Products, Hotgen Biotech was chosen as the partner of Beijing Municipality to co-build the Biodefense and POCT Key Laboratory of Beijing in 2014.

With 20 patents in hand, Hotgen Biotech has a thorough understanding of Up-converting Phosphor Technology(UPT) and is the only company in the world that utilizes UPT for the rapid diagnostic purpose and thus leads the world in UPT research, application, manufacturing and marketing of products based on UPT.

Hotgen Biotech has vastly expanded its product portfolio during the past decade from only one product at the beginning. Currently IVD products of Hotgen Biotech include instruments and kits for aiding diagnosis in cardiovascular diseases, chronic liver diseases, tumor screening and risk stratification, kidney injury, rheumatoid arthritis, infection, infectious diseases and risk assessment of preterm labor with the UPTquik® line of POCT kits based on UPT being especially popular among the customers.

The Hotgen biodefense and food safety product line covers almost all bioterrorist agents including Yersinia pestis, Anthrax, Brucella, Ricin, Abrin, etc. and all major food borne pathogenic bacteria such as cholera, E. coli, salmonella, etc.. The biodefense products have been widely used for military anti-bioterrorism campaign, customs inspection and quarantine, on-site inspection in centers for disease control, mobile bio-emergency inspection, on-site detection of food-borne pathogenic microorganisms, etc.. 

Over the years Hotgen Biotech has established a sales and servicing network covering all parts of China and expanding rapidly into the world. As an ISO13485 certified company with major products bearing CE mark, Hotgen Biotech has been awarded as a Beijing model company of high-standard quality control system.

Beijing Daxing District biomedical base Tianfu Street on the 9th

Daxing, Beijing

China 102600