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WELCOME TO G.Surgiwear Limited
SURGIWEAR  was established in the year 1982 with the motto to Conceive, Design & Develop; to manufacture and market Innovative medical devices of finest quality for common people.After 25 years SURGIWEAR  is single largest implant manufacturer in India and surrounding countries. Almost 1/4th population of the world is treated with Hydrocephalus Shunt manufactured by SURGIWEAR   in a tiny town SHAHJAHANPUR.Today SURGIWEAR  manufactures almost 300 types of products serving the needs of common people. The products include Implants as well       as Disposables. All of the products of our company are certified by EN ISO 13485-2012 certification & are exported to more than 50 countries around the world.
As an Industry leader, We have taken the initiative to implement quality control system that are strictly enforced in both our manufacturing and distribution facilities. SURGIWEAR has various ISO and CE accreditation like: AN ISO 13485-2003, EN ISO 13485-2012 and CE Certification.
All our Hydrocephalus Shunt products are in full compliance with WFNS (World Federation Neurosurgical Society).