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Price: On Request
5 Para Patient Monitors help us in monitoring the vital signs such as ECG, SPO2, NIBP, Temperature, ETCO2 etc. of the patient.5 Para Patient Monitors are essential in providingregular information to the doctor for better treatment and diagnosis.

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Monitoring of ECG, NIBP, SP02, RESP. and TEMP Upto 5Channels Waveforms Display and 96hrs Trends Storage 3 LevelAudio / Visual Alarm System 6kg Light Weight Monitor with 5hrsRechargeable Battery Backup 1 USB Port Supplied withfollowing accessories: 1 ECG Cable with 5 leads, DisposableElectrodes, 1 Adult NIBP Cuff, 1 NIBP Tube, 1 Adult SP02Senor, 1 SPO2 Cable, 1 Temp Skin or Esophageal Probe, 1Rechargeable Battery, 1 Power Cord, 1 Ground Cable.
  • The choice of 10.4/12.1/15/17 TFT color display provides superior flexibility for different clinical applications
  • Accurate monitoring of ECG, SPO2, NIBP, TEMP, RESP, HR, PR and optional IBP, EtCo2, CO, Agent Monitoring
  • Pacemaker detection,electrosurgical interference proof
  • Defibrillation protection and defibrillation synchronization
  • OxyCRG available to judge the respiration and circular function for neonates
  • 120 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
  • USB ports and SD card slot to ensure data storage/function upgrades
  • Select from either Sidestream, or Mainstream EtCO2 technology to obtain fast, simple, and accurate CO2 results
  • Multi-gas module measures 5 anaesthetic agents, EtCO2, N2O and O2. It also provides automatic agent identification and display.
  • Nurse call function and Bi-directional communication with Central