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Price: On Request
450 x 300 x 250 mm

Do you wish to get an estimate or quote for WATER BATH UNIVERSAL with Model No. 450 x 300 x 250 mm from ADAK ELECTRONICS or wish to get an estimate of all similar medical device or medical equipment? Please press the link below and sit back and relax while we at Hospytek connect to you with all medical device vendors and medical device brands selling WATER BATH UNIVERSAL.

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Universal Water Baths are designed and fabricated to suit various I.S. standards application in the growing field of Medical, Agricultural Institution, Bio-Chemical Industrial, Research laboratories and Various Industries.

Wroking Size (cms) 30 X 22.5 X 17.5 40 X 30 X 17.5
External Size (cms) 40 X 30.5 X 22.5 50 X 35 X 22.5

Inner Chamber Stainless Steel 304 quality
External Mild Steel Powder coated / Stainless Steel
Range 5 C. above ambient to 85 C.
Controller Thermostat Controller
Sensor Liquid expansion capillary
Accuracy + / - 2C.
Uniformity + / - 2 C. after 30 min.
Heat up time 30 min. upto 85 C. without load with respect to ambient
Insulation Glass Wool 40 mm
Capacity (Watts) 10001500
Power Consumption 4 amps6 amps

Net Weight, approx. 8 kgs12 kgs
Electric requirements AC 230V & 50 Hz cycle.

Temperature Range 5 deg.C. above ambient to 85 deg.C