Why Hospytek?

Hospytek is a unique aggregator which caters to the challenging needs of Manufacturers and brands by providing them with a platform to connect with dealers associated with their products.

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    Logistic Module

    Our platform provides re seller's with forwarding solution. Once the re seller finalizes the medical device at best price and after sale services , he can select from the list of transporters or forwarding services available on that route.

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    Quotation Module

    The invoice/quotation which would be generated by the seller would be scripted and secure PDF file, that means only the seller would have the record of the invoices not even Hospytek.

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    Enquiry Module

    Access to interested buyers of the medical device that the Supplier deals in.He would be provided with a buy lead option in which he can reach and pitch genuine buyers.

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    Bluk SMS/Emailing Module

    Medical suppliers would be provided with Bulk SMS and E-mailing services , helping them to conduct marketing campaign on a much bigger platform .

Brands can pre sell their products and pre plan their inventory by broadcasting offers for the products that would be manufactured in the future.

Show important details

Show Important Details

Vendors can bid on the quantity and rate offered by the brands,thereby making the entire process digital, efficient and hence hassle free.

Start Shopping

He would also be provided with his customized store on our medical e-commerce platform hospykart.com .He can keep a proper check on his stock and In his store seller can conduct a stock clearance sale or any other promotion offers.

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