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Price: On Request

Do you wish to get an estimate or quote for HEALVAN SAFETY IV CANNULA SET with Model No. HM-58 from HARSORIA MEDICAL PVT LTD or wish to get an estimate of all similar medical device or medical equipment? Please press the link below and sit back and relax while we at Hospytek connect to you with all medical device vendors and medical device brands selling HEALVAN SAFETY IV CANNULA SET .

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HEALVAN SAFETY is a safety device that protects the users, i.e. healthcare professionals from accidental needle-stick injury during IV Cannula insertion. The key feature of this device is a mechanism to fully shield the needle TIP in a color coded tip cover, immediately after catheter insertion. Color-coded Body as per EN ISO 10555.
  • Gauge:                            22G
  • Color Code:                   Blue
  • Ext. Dia (mm):                0.9
  • Eff. Length (mm):            25
  • Flow Rate (ml/min):        33
  • USP standards Class VI compliance, thin walled Catheters with PTFE, PUR, FEP or ETFE Clear, Radio-opaque is also available.
  • Gently tapered catheter tip with Customized Automated Tipping Technology (CATT) for lower penetration forces and optimal trim distance to provide smooth transition from needle to catheter.
  • Siliconised stainless steel needle with ultra-sharp triple facet bevel for smooth & painless venipuncture.
  • Healvan Safety IV cannula is comprised with flexible small wings, stabilise the cannula in the vein and provides comfortable securement for the patient.
  • Thumb grip of the device is ergonomically designed to allow for a variety of user techniques to aid insertion.
  • The device is available in a variety of lengths and gauges to accommodate procedural and patient needs.
  • The product is designed with transparent flashback chamber for immediate confirmation of venipuncture and ensure smooth flow of blood OR any other fluids.
  • Revolutionary designed safety feature provides complete protection to healthcare workers as well as hospital waste handlers from accidental needle-stick injuries and prevents transmission of blood-borne pathogens from patients.
  • Non-pyrogenic, Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.