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Price: On Request

Do you wish to get an estimate or quote for OT LIGHT LED with Model No. Z-300 from MEDITECH INDIA or wish to get an estimate of all similar medical device or medical equipment? Please press the link below and sit back and relax while we at Hospytek connect to you with all medical device vendors and medical device brands selling OT LIGHT LED .

Powered with Hospytek Vendor Module, Our Vendors can submit a quote in less than 5 seconds, you can chat with them to discuss the specification of OT LIGHT LED by accessing MY ACCOUNT (on the top right corner of your screen) after adding your required details in the form (which will appear once you click the link below).

By clicking below you would:

  • Get a variety in quality with variety in pricing.
  • Get contact details of all relevant vendors of OT LIGHT LED in your email.
  • Be able to review the vendors through our refined rating system.
  • Be able to send request for quote for multiple medical devices.
Highly acclaimed among our users, Operating Light Z 300+300, Z 300 is operated with digital controller and LCD display that is meant for showing parameters like intensity and on/off mode. Furthermore, the microcomputer digital control that has the ability to shift the luminescence up to 10% to 100%. The LED bulbs show high intensity across the area where surgical procedures have to be done. This device shows precise positioning at every point of articulation without causing any drift.
  • Light Intensity @ 1 mt:                             1,00,000 Lux
  • Number of LEDs:                                       54
  • Life-Span of LEDs:                                    50,000 hrs.
  • Focus Dia:                                                    15-20 cm
  • Light Head Size:                                         52.5 cm
  • The operating light designed for the use in high demanding surgical procedures.
  • State of the art LED Bulbs used to ensure low energy consumption and long service life.
  • Light head is resistant to disinfectant, easy to clean.
  • Digital controller with LCD display for showing all important parameter like intensity, on/off.
  • Excellent day light quality and CRI.
  • Micro computer digital control with shifts luminance 10%-100% for selection.
  • Precise positioning at all points of articulation without drift.
  • Flexible and stable balance arms suspension system for height and angle.
  • Ability to adjust the focus dia by sterilize handle.
  • High light intensity across the full illuminated area for uniform vision & exceptionally deep cavity.