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WINSTIM is a clinical combination therapy of Ultrasound, Electrotherapy with easy user interface and versatility to treat different body areas simultaneously. This aesthetically designed clinical model has a unique ultrasound head with inbuilt power control and user preset electrotherapy programs. The state of the art WINSTIM is light weight, small in size, and battery powered.
  • Up to 50 Pre-programmed protocols
  • Clinical Combination Therapy.
  • Electro diagnostics: I/t curves,rheobasis and chronaxie
  • Full range of low and medium frequency waveforms
  • Relaxation of muscle spasm and Joint contracture.
  • Simultaneous treatment of multiple patients.
  • Ultrasound under Water Therapy for Head Warming.
  • Capacitive touch screen LCD.
  • US FDA 510(k) cleared.
  • 45-minute battery back-up.
  • Advanced Smart-Phone style OS.
Main power supply 230 Vac, 50-60Hz, 10%- 115 Vac, 50-60 Hz*, 10%
Display Large 8 Color Touch screen LCD
Beat Frequency 0 400 Hz
Carrier Frequency 2,000 10,000 Hz
Max. Output Intensity 0 100 mA
Output Channels 4 (Electrotherapy) 1 (Ultrasound)
Phase Duration 20 1000 S
Treatment Time 1 60 Minutes
Inbuilt Battery 24 V DC
Electrical Type TYPE BF
Shipping Weights 5 Kg
Cooling system Inbuilt Cooling Fan
Size 41 x 32 x 20 H cm