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A dream to embolden Healthcare providers & consumers.

We, at Hospytek believe in empowerment and transparency brought in digitally. Leveraging technology to bolster and optimize, still uncatered Medical Device Industry: adding value to all sections of society and business connects our soul to brand Hospytek. Hospytek, is a solution to enhance and manage your medical device/equipment business. We help from identifying veritable need to fulfilling it through a suitable suppliers and much more, all under a single platform. We aim to connect all institutions, dealers & manufacturers across India, enabling them to buy & sell with maximum value addition.

Hospytek empowers you with the flexibility to make choices based on the specific needs and goals of your practice. Availability of huge selection of medical equipments, medical devices, service solutions, business management solutions, encompassing all participants on an equitable platform.

An initiative taken by a group of highly motivated engineers and professionals to solve the most general and much needed problems faced by healthcare professionals to suppliers and manufacturers. We aim to optimize the whole process from product selection to product procurement and installation with services in most efficient and transparent manner, removing various hassles and uninvited hiccups in the whole process.

Hospytek for Institutions

Healthcare providers lack concise and accurate information in medical device market, where doctors and procurement staff is inappropriately updated on various trends in technology and options available. We believe in providing technical information with a gigantic library of purchasable products to end users.

Hospytek for Vendors/Dealers

Vendor/Dealer with expansion beyond the current market territory and products, brings a positive shift in entire market layout. After identification of gaps, a platform was built to provide unlimited access to enquiries relating to the domain of supplier. Providing vast penetration to compete on a national scale, manage and monitor business activities: strengthens the entire Medical Device Industry network.

Hospytek for Brands/Manufacturers

The needs of a manufacturer beyond the expertise in manufacturing, lies greatly in collaborating with suitable dealer perfecting the technical and commercial capabilities necessary for product selling. Hospytek, provides an expanse of dealer network for brands to associate with, along with the most valuable area-wise information of their product demand projections.